Flutter in multiple IDE (Android, IntelliJ, VSCode) for macOS

Initiative tools for flutter developers.

Down load flutter at https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install/macos

Extract and keep inside a Document path

Add the flutter to the .zshrc profile

Then “source ~/.zshrc”

Now run “flutter doctor” to verify the configuration.

So we have so many things to make it correctly.

Run “flutter doctor -v” to see the path

Install java 8

Install java 11

Find java path

Find a specific java path

Export java path into .zshrc profile

Make the alias for each java version

Switching between 2 java version

make a symbolic link to the Google plugin

ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/AndroidStudio4.1/plugins ~/Library/Application\ Support/AndroidStudio4.1

then run flutter doctor -v again

For IntelliJ, there is a little bit confused. The original plugin will be installed here

However, the flutter doctor will take a look at another directory

You need to create a new folder with dot plugins

Then copy the lib from the original path under new dot plugin folder

Do not move all plugins, because we just want to make flutter doctor able to verify the plugin only.

Now run flutter doctor -v again.

Hope this helps.