Mendix Workflow — An Overview

In general, business process management or BPM is an important Enterprise Application which can help an organisation to reduce manual work done on paper, converting all those words, excel docs and pdf approval forms into a digital format. It enable’s users to maintain, track and easily deliver high-quality output. Today, I will demonstrate how easily Mendix, the Low-code platform, has the ability to make a BPM process.

Download the source code here

Let’s get started with my example of an employee on boarding process in Mendix version 9.6.

First of all, I would like to thank the Mendix Academy for their learning path on Workflow. I’m writing this blog in order to explain some more details and…

It can be difficult for new developers to compile and build their pluggable widget in Windows 10. That’s why I’m writing this quick guide on how to overcome this.

Before we start

We will need some tools to manage our node node version, and a good terminal with which to execute our commands.

First of all, you will need a good command line interface. Currently, I use Cmder version 1.3.18. You can able download it here.

It’s a portable one, meaning there…

Creating an automatic login feature can be quite a challenge. A feature which is intended to make approval processes smoother and more efficient, can quickly make a developers life difficult. From regular login features, to more complex approval processes without even the need for a login, Deeplinks are incredibly powerful if used correctly. In this demo I would like to show you how we made an autologin with existing widgets and modules available from the Mendix Marketplace.

First of all, thanks to those who have contributed on the market place modules for

All of these are modules are needed in this demo project. With that being said, let’s get started using Mendix Studio Pro 7.23.20 (LTS).

With the age of Mendix using Phonegap soon coming to an end, there are still a lot of running applications which will need to be maintained. Meaning we will still need make use hybrid mobile applications, at least for a little while longer. Therefore, I am writing this blog to explain step by step, how to build an APK or IPA file.

How to build Hybrid Android APK’s using Cordova’s Command Line Interface.

Go to your application’s dashboard on Mendix, and select Mobile App in the left hand side menu. Refer to Fig. 1 below


Certified Mendix Expert MVP, Data Scientist, and Technical Practitioner @ TBN Software

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